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A Little About Me

I am Rishav Ghosh, a final year student pursuing B.Tech. in Information Technology from VIT Vellore. I have been programming since I was 14. I have always been more into development then competitive programming. Thus I have been a victim of rumors like you need to…

Very useful and cool APIs in React Router v6

Latest React Router Version, Photo Source: Codequs

I love React!! I have been using the latest stuff from React in my latest project and found a lot of important and cool differences from the previous versions.

The following APIs will not only help you increase your productivity but also improve your code structure.

  • Outlet
  • forwardRef
  • useRoutes



New technologies are being developed faster than ever. And new games even faster. Mostly everyone in the world wants to try out a new game but they can’t generally because of the absence of two main things:

1> The necessary PC requirements.

2> A controller.

To mitigate such problems developers…

rishav ghosh

Full Stack Engineer. Cloud Enthusiast. Guitar is my muse Follow me on

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